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Did you know that a single tree could add as much as $20,000 to the value of your home?

A beautiful well-placed mature tree can add more value to your property than practically anything else. If a house is damaged from a storm, it can be brought back to the same or even better condition within a few months. However, if a stately tree is damaged, it could take 30, 50 or even 100 years of growth to bring the same cherished look.

In my opinion, one of the very first things that should be done when planning a garden is to site new trees. The sooner you get them on their way, the quicker they will add value to your home. Some people unfortunately wait until they decorate the interior of the house before they even consider their garden.

As soon as the septic system is complete in the back yard, I will be planting 3 pink-flowering dogwoods I have already purchased. Dogwoods are one of the very best all season trees as they look great in every season. Cherry tree and Serviceberry trees are also highly favored and bring in a great value to your landscape all year long.

In my opinion trees can also have a negative value on your property. Lately, builders are saving "scrub" trees on the property so they dont have to plant nice trees after the construction is done. Most of those trees will never be beautiful to look upon and will take away value from the property and neighborhood. Don't save a tree simply because it is a tree.

My sister told me how she has made the mistake of ordering $1 trees through the mail and she ended  up with 6 inch trees that five years later are still puny. She could have spent $10 or $20 more and would instantly have had a decent tree that would quickly grow into maturity. She has already spent over $10 in water, fertilizer and mulch trying to get each of those "bargain" trees to grow. 

When planting your tree, please consider how big it will get at maturity. Way too many fantastic trees have had to be removed because they were planted too close to the house when they were small.

If you have a lot of land you might consider planting an investment for your grand children. Some trees might be worth up to $100,000 a piece in 50 or 100 years. Imagine what a grove of 100 of these trees will be worth.

A few trees that are highly prized are: black walnut, mahogany and pecans (for their crop value). Do some online research to make sure you plant the right variety and in the right way if you decide to do this.