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The drought of 2007.  Not a problem here.  While most other gardens in the area were shriveling up, our soil stayed moist. Without watering. We are blessed/cursed with underground springs that keep the soil fairly moist. In some spots it is much too wet for the plants liking. In the fall of 2006 we raised the beds (for the first time).  After the drought of 2007 had little effect on the lower beds, we raised them once again. Let's hope this is not a yearly undertaking.

Below are some photos documenting the undertaking of the first raising of the beds.


The "raised" beds remained soggy and most of the plants were quite unhappy. So we had a dump truck load of soil delivered and raised most of the beds.


It was rather labor intensive but in the end it paid off with much happier flowers.


However, the beds on this side garden (the low side) still remained wet and after the drought of 2007 we raised them even more.