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The Front Garden

The front garden has been a thorn in my flesh.  Poetically of course.  The original design was to have low maintenance beds brimming with carpet roses.  Within a year it became clear that many of the "carpet roses" that the landscape company delivered were actually rambling roses.  Then many of the other roses did not do very well because of poor drainage in the beds (which was a problem with just about the entire garden).

In time the ramblers were relocated to a better spot, the weak or dying carpet roses were yanked out and a couple of truckloads of soil was added to the beds to rise above the wet earth.   The stars of the front garden are the knockout roses (several dozen) that have always and continue to perform marvelously.

Over a few season the front gardens transformed to more of an English cottage design, much like the the formal gardens in the back.   It is slowly filling in and becoming a showpiece of its own.