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Although I would have liked to have begun to put the gardens in earlier into the custom home building process, I couldn't for two main reasons.  The first was that the septic system needed to be put in which essentially tore up a huge portion of the back yard. The other issue that needed to be taken care of was the installation of the terrace which I knew would also tear up the back yard.

Although I pressed and pressed my builder to get those items in place well before the prime fall planting season, it just didn't happen.

To make matters worse it began raining after a nearly 5 month drought and when the concrete truck came in to work on the terrace it created two foot deep ruts all over the back yard which created two foot ponds that would not dry up for at least 6 weeks (we received rain at least once a week since that time).

About 3 months into the landscaping we essentially have one big mud pit in the back yard with a very lovely stone planter that miraculously was completed.

Last week my son and I took matters into our own hands and dug little trenches to connect the various puddles and ponds in the yard and got most of them to flow into the ditch. With a few days of sunny weather I think we might be about ready to get the project rolling again.