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It is one thing to put a landscape plan to paper. It is another thing to see it to fruition. With these photos, I show you the progress of the installation of our gardens.   


After reading (literally) 100s of gardening magazines, inspiration finally hit me when I was in the bath one day.  I drew my initial concept on the bathtub wall with the children's bathtub crayons.  The finished garden is surprisingly quite close to this initial idea.


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I tweaked the concept and put in on graph paper to scale so I could present it to landscape companies to bid on the project.
The design is put on the dirt with spray paint.
After initial grading and amending of the soil, the first project was the installation of the raised stone planter - the anchor of the garden.
The stone planter is complete but the back yard becomes a muddy mess, hindering further progress.
To help with the water and mud problems we began installing a series of drains which did solve the problem and construction could begin again.
Adding good soil as a foundation of the lawn and flower beds.
Once the ground was graded the back yard lawn went in.
The side alley is put nearly done. Landscape fabric is put down before the gravel goes on top.
This side is now all laid out and the beds get more soil and mulch and the paths get gravel.
Then work on the rose garden begins. All beds are outlined with tumbled stone for easier maintenance.
The arborvitae trees go in back of the gardens to eventually create a "castle wall" to separate the formal gardens from the woodland gardens (which is now the spot for the tropical gardens).
And now, photos of the finished garden (no, the pool is not ours).

The rose garden.

The lawn with stone planter
The other side (the arbor is at the end of the side alley garden)
The formal garden and the woodland garden
The hydrangea alley. I love hydrangeas and will plant about a dozen varieties.
The end. Whew!