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When are your gardens open? When is the best time to see them?

The garden really comes alive around the 2nd week of April and there is usually lots blooming all the way through October. The roses peak in May around Mother's Day and in June the "June bugs" (Japanese beetles) begin feasting on the roses. We are happy to have groups come any time although we can never guarantee the condition of the garden since we do all the work ourselves.  Just contact us by phone or email on the contact page.


Is your garden "organic"? 

We do garden all organically. We are big believers in compost and mulch to help the plants thrive and to cut down on weeds.  We do not spray the roses with any poisons.  We also like to eat from our garden (flowers and vegetables) so it is nice not having to worry about toxins in our bodies.


Your gardens are magnificent! How much time do you have to spend each week to keep it looking so good?

Our gardens are a bit deceitful.  I designed them to be relatively low maintenance.  The paths are either gravel or wood chips.  Under all the gravel is landscape fabric. Almost all the beds have drip irrigation (which is rarely used since our land is quite moist).   As a family we spend about 30 hours weeding and mulching the beds in the Spring and we then just pull weeds here and there as we stroll the garden. 

It probably takes about 4 hours a week during the growing season to keep the garden in check.


Can we book your gardens for a wedding?

I'm sorry but we are not prepared to do that as our home and gardens are in a neighborhood community.  We occasionally allow the gardens to be used for a charity fundraisers. 


Do you design other gardens? Can I hire you?

Oh no. I'm not a professional designer or landscaper. This is just a hobby and obviously a passion.  Since I get such great joy from my gardens I simply want to share the photos, stories and the garden itself with friends, neighbors and strangers.