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We haven't even moved into our new home but we have been composting there for a couple of months now.

We compost for a number of reasons.

* It is silly to fill up our landfills with items that are beneficial to our gardens

* Compost is one of the richest sources of nutrients for your plants available

* Buying dirt and fertilizer costs money (and gas, and time) whereas compost is just about free

We invested in a ComposTwin Dual Tumbler. To properly prepare compost, your pile needs to be turned or aerated on a regular basis. A tumbler is just about the easiest way to manage that.

I liked the idea of a Dual Compost Tumbler so I can have two batches going at the same time.

There are lots of composters on the market which are quite good or you can search online for plans to build your own.

One recommendation is that you carefully design a place to put your compost pile. While it is extremely beneficial to your garden, it can take away from the beauty of your plants and flowers if just stuck in the middle of your yard. Creative barriers (such as bushes) can keep it out of eyesight.