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Every spring garden stores are teeming with customers looking to plant flowers, trees and shrubs to beautify their garden. Planting in the Spring does have the quickest reward, but is it the best time to plant?

Our home is scheduled to be completed in January and typically the landscaping is one of the last things to be put in (mainly for fear of workers trampling everything and plants dying if the owner isn't there to look after them). But knowing that Autumn is the best time to plant (and Winter being the worst), I pleaded with my builder to get things ready so I could put the landscape in early.

While Spring is indeed a good time to plant (as long as a late frost doesn't ruin everything you just plucked into the ground), the cool of Fall is generally the best time to put in new plantings.

For most plantings, you should aim for six weeks before the typical frost date. Autumn will be a great time for the roots to grow a bit in a low stress environment and settle in before Winter arrives.

Not only is Fall the best time to plant, but garden centers usually put most of their plants on clearance because most people don't garden in the Fall and they don't want to have to over winter them. I have purchased a lot of plants for 75% off during the fall. The pickings can sometimes be slim, but the bargains are great.